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  • Commitment of 3-20 hours per week

  • Diagnosis and improvement of the team's key issues

  • Serving as a reference for the team and key stakeholders

  • Participation in the CTO hiring process

  • Onboarding of the new CTO

  • Mentoring the new CTO


Your CTO has left the company. Perhaps the company has grown faster than they have, or they prefer to focus solely on technical aspects and not lead people. Maybe you're uncertain if they're the right fit for the next stage of the company.

With the role of Fractional CTO, you can count on my experience to lead your Technology team while the company transitions or recruits a new CTO.



to be negotiated


Don't worry, I'll never try to push you a service if I don't believe it solves a real problem!


Experience in startups since 2004;

Experience scaling the Creditas Product and Technology team from 0 to 150 people;

7 years of experience building a unicorn (Creditas' last valuation was US$4.8 billion);

Successful experience with the above services in Seed, Series A and B startups;

Reference in Leadership, Management and Team Organization, as can be seen from the references left on my Linkedin.


Hello, I'm

People management and leadership; Team building and culture; Communication/Relationships; Collaboration with CEO and other areas of the company.


Kind words from former customers

Rafael Viana

"Hiring Leo was a suggestion from our HR team as a way to share the weight and assist in onboarding the new CTO. Initially, I thought it would be impossible for someone to "get context" and deliver results with part-time dedication. In just a few weeks, Leo understood how our entire operation worked and helped me organize processes, OKR processes, interactions with the team, etc. This helped the teams maintain consistent deliveries and facilitated the onboarding of the new CTO. I highly recommend Leo's work for startups that are in a high-growth phase and need support for their CTO."

Co-Founder & CPO at Caf


Aram Apovian

"Leo helped us restructure our engineering recruitment process and improve our hiring and screening processes. As a result we had a very much improved candidate pipeline which resulted in superior confidence in our new hires. He also helped us organize and prioritize our product roadmap and define the tech team we needed to deliver it. It’s great having someone with his experience to discuss our challenges."

Co-Founder & CEO at aMORA



Don't worry, I'll never try to push you a service if I don't believe it solves a real problem!

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