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Leonardo Andreucci

Hello, I am

I have been working in startups since 2004. I spent 10 years at Apontador/MapLink and was part of Creditas from its early days. Initially, as an Advisor, I hired the first software engineers for Creditas. As the business developed and became more complex, I joined the project full-time as VP. I scaled the technology team to 150 people and later led international expansion and new product initiatives.


After completing the full structuring of Creditas' tech department, I left in 2022 and, after a sabbatical, started working as an independent consultant in 2023.


I graduated in Computer Engineering from Poli-USP, did a year-long internship at Accenture, and entered the world of startups in 2004. I worked for 10 years at Apontador, a company ahead of its time, building mobility and geolocation applications in a pre-smartphone era.

Apontador created map and route channels for major portals, as well as its own products, which are now popularized as Waze, Yelp, and Google Places. It went through a merger with MapLink and received an investment from Movile. In my journey, I was a software engineer, led B2B and B2C products, and developed a taste for the challenge of leading people and organizing chaotic environments like a startup.

• In 2012, I met Sergio Furio, who was arriving in Brazil to start Creditas (then called BankFacil). I joined as a part-time Tech Advisor and hired the first 2 software engineers for Creditas

• In 2015, I noticed Sergio's growth as an entrepreneur and the thrill of building something from scratch. That's when I decided to join the team, which had 20 people at the time.

• Initially, I was VP of Product and VP of People. With the CTO's departure, I led and scaled the Technology team to 150 people, focusing on the company's core products (Home Equity, Auto Equity, and private payroll loans).

• I then took on the challenge of opening offices in Valencia (Spain) and Mexico City and creating new products, including the implementation of Pix in Creditas' Digital Account, an e-commerce using payroll loans as a payment method (Creditas Store), and the platform for buying, repairing, and selling used cars (Creditas Auto).

• I was also responsible for the Product and Technology aspects of the acquisitions of Codus, Creditoo, Volanty and Minuto Seguros

• In early 2022, I felt a sense of accomplishment and the end of a cycle.

• I left Creditas for a sabbatical focused on health, sports, and family.

• I lost 18kg, started playing footvolley, and became much more present in the lives of my 9 and 5-year-old children.


• In 2023, I decided to use my experience to help startups overcome many of the challenges I had faced, but in a faster and less painful way.

• After some projects in this format, I refined my approach as an independent professional and consolidated my services in this document. I hope to assist your startup with one of these services.




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