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Veja as avaliações de alguns profissionais que trabalharam comigo:

Leonardo Bessa.png

Leonardo Bessa

Co-Founder & CTO na Astride

"Andreucci is more than just a mentor; he's been a catalyst for change in my career. His mentorship extended beyond traditional boundaries. What truly sets Andreucci apart is his exceptional ability to communicate complex ideas simply and his innate leadership qualities. Andreucci's mentorship has been a cornerstone in my career. His wisdom, generosity, and unwavering support have been instrumental in my growth."


Aram Apovian

Co-Founder & CEO na aMORA

"Leo helped us restructure our engineering recruitment process and improve our hiring and screening processes. As a result we had a very much improved candidate pipeline which resulted in superior confidence in our new hires. He also helped us organize and prioritize our product roadmap and define the tech team we needed to deliver it. It’s great having someone with his experience to discuss our challenges."


Rafael Viana

CPO & Co-Founder na Caf

"Hiring Léo was a suggestion from our HR team as a way to share the weight and assist in onboarding the new CTO. Initially, I thought it would be impossible for someone to "get context" and deliver results with part-time dedication. In just a few weeks, Léo understood how our entire operation worked and helped me organize processes, OKR processes, interactions with the team, etc. This helped the teams maintain consistent deliveries and facilitated the onboarding of the new CTO. I highly recommend Leo's work for startups that are in a high-growth phase and need support for their CTO."


Jean Silva

Head of Technology na Woba

"I want to express my deep gratitude for all the guidance and support you have provided me throughout these months of mentorship. Your dedication and commitment have been truly inspiring. I am genuinely excited about the growth opportunities you have afforded me, as well as to Woba.

Once again, thank you for your guidance, openness, and support. I am truly grateful to have you as my mentor."


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